Inteserra’s inroll service, provides your company and subscribers a complete lifecycle management platform for ACP. Includes registration and compliance obligations, the ability to apply for ACP, qualify through the National Verifier, and registration within NLAD. In addition, inroll ONLINE will provide your company with the necessary access and tools to manage your subscriber’s data and submit for eligible reimbursements.

inroll helps the subscriber and service providers:

  • Apply for government broadband programs through the service providers website.

  • With seamless API communication to the National Verifier and NLAD

  • Manage subscriptions and required reporting

  • Stay up to date with new applications through the web-based admin dashboard

  • Assign various internal program responsibilities with User Level Access Control

  • Edit customer data, and have “real-time” updates sent to NLAD

  • Alert subscribers of their upcoming re-certification through automated emails

  • Make monthly claims (497 filing) through the Lifeline Claim System, utilizing our web-based mapping and error detection system

  • Manage required ETC subscription reporting obligations, requires Inteserra Compliance Reporting Service