5 Questions to Ask Your Current Telecom Tax Provider

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Many businesses give little thought to their telecom tax provider once they’ve chosen one. As with almost every business service and expense, it’s wise to occasionally consider what you pay for the service and what your provider actually does. Critical Questions to Ask you Telecom Tax Provider To help asses your current provider’s offerings, here…

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Steps to Take for Streamlined Sales Tax Registration

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Let’s face it – with the laws continuously changing on state sales tax, it’s often difficult to know what and how to file sales in that state. States recognized a lot of the confusion, especially for remote sellers. As a result, the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) was created to address the problem. Before starting the…

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FAStek & White Label Join Forces Ahead of ITEXPO

BIG news!  Ahead of ITEXPO’s annual event, White Label Communications has partnered with FAStek Tax to collectively offer Tax as a Service (TAS), your “one-stop-shop” for telecom tax filings.  What the Partnership Means White Label is partnering with FAStek, a leader in the telecom tax compliance field, to handle your required certifications, ongoing compliance reporting,…

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VDA Tax Tips: How to Limit Your Exposure

VDA tax tips

Sales tax obligations that aren’t properly reported to the appropriate department of revenue pose a significant tax liability, as an audit of these obligations can lead to penalties, interest and perhaps even more substantial consequences. For businesses that have unreported state tax obligations, however, there is a path to comply. Voluntary disclosure agreements provide a…

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Telecom Tax Audits: 5 Tips for Addressing Your Audit Risk

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The complexities of telecommunications tax make any telecommunications company potentially susceptible to an audit. However, there are steps that companies can take to reduce their risk of being audited and their potential liability in the event that they are audited. If your company is in the telecom services space, use these five tips to address…

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Top 5 Communications Tax Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Business team reviewing communication tax forms and potential mistakes

The communications industry is subject to some of the most complex tax laws in the United States, and there are plenty of places to make an error in calculating, collecting, remitting, and reporting the necessary taxes on products and services in this sector. Here are five common tax compliance mistakes that telecommunications companies make and…

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Telecom Compliance Solutions: How to Protect Your Business

Telecom network concept

As any telecom service business is aware, Telecom taxes is a complicated subject. For businesses in the industry, effectively managing regulatory compliance issues is essential to long-term success. Telecom Regulatory Compliance Issues are Challenging to Navigate Even when compared to other tax subjects, telecom tax issues are especially challenging.  There are at least a couple…

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How to Manage State Communications Services Tax

Communication network of United States of America.

State communications services tax (CST) is a particularly complex field of tax law. In addition to the complexities of managing different tax rates across multiple jurisdictions, rapid innovation is creating uncertainties as tax codes are slow to catch up with technology. If managed improperly, these uncertainties can leave businesses that are responsible for calculating, billing,…

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What is Telecom Tax? Breaking Down Telecom Tax Compliance

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication and telecom taxes

Telecom taxes encompass a range of federal, state, and district taxes and fees that telecom companies are responsible for collecting and submitting. Though they may be perceived as a sort of sales tax or excise tax on telecom services, they are much more regulated and extensive than standard sales tax. The telecommunications industry is the…

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