describe the imageThe Federal Communications Commission is looking to change the way it calculates the regulatory fees paid by the entities it regulates. This could be good news for IXCs, CLECs, IXC resellers, debit card providers, OSPs, inmate service providers, pay telephone providers, interconnected VoIP providers, and audio bridging service providers. These carriers, which the FCC calls Interstate Telecommunications Service Providers, could be in for a reduction in the fee they pay on their revenues. Under one proposal, the fee would decrease to 0.00359 per revenue dollar. Under the other proposal the fee would remain at the 0.00375 per revenue dollar amount paid last year. 

The FCC is also considering combining the wireline and wireless service fees into one category
that would be assessed based on revenues. The FCC asks for comments on this and other short and long term changes to the system to more fairly allocate the costs of regulation among the regulated entities. Comments are due June 19, 2013; reply comments are due June 26, 2013. You can find the FCC’s order here.

Watch for TMI’s Regulatory Bulletin! TMI will issue a Bulletin when a final decision is reached..