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TMI is closely monitoring the wave of switched access tariff filings that implement the second phase of the FCC’s ICC/USF Reform. So far, we have ILEC filings in 20
states.  Our in-house team is continuously busy tracking filings across all jurisdictions and at the FCC.


Intrastate filing deadlines are fast approaching  this month in Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, and North Carolina. 


As deadlines and filing requirements continue to unfold, access remains a major cost component for most carriers and a revenue opportunity for facilities based CLECs.  Reliable resources with expedited rate updates and information are critical. For your planning purposes you will find TMI’s Switched Access
to be less expensive, more accurate and feature rich than any alternative access rate sources. We will help you identify the information you require.


If you are not a TMI Tariff client already, you are welcome to contact us to see how we can help you reduce the cost of tariff maintenance for your company.