describe the imageCanadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has  issued a Wireless Code. The Code applies to all new contracts starting on December 2, 2013, and addresses the following:

  • The consumer’s ability to terminate their service after two years without cancellation fees (even if the contact is for a longer term);
  • A $50/month cap on extra data charges;
  • A $100/month cap on international data roaming charges;
  • The consumer’s ability to unlock their cell phone after 90 days or immediately if the device was paid for in full;
  • A 15 day return policy if the customer is unhappy with their service;
  • The consumer’s ability to accept or decline changes to key terms of a fixed-term contract; and
  • A requirement for providers to provide an easy to read, easy to understand contract.

The Wireless Code applies to all service providers in Canada including postpaid and where applicable prepaid services. More information on the new CRTC Wireless Code can be found at