USAC Recertification

ETCs that wish to have USAC handle their subscriber base recertification must notify USAC by email by no later than June 21, 2013  USAC may respond to the email with an additional request for information that must be received by the 21st.



 Once USAC has been selected, ETCs must be prepared to:


–  Provide USAC with a toll-free number that USAC can provide to subscribers for  consumer        questions about their service or the recertification process. USAC will not have live agents available for consumer questions. 


– Submit a subscriber listing, in a USAC provided format, supporting the ETC’s February
FCC Form 497 information. 


– Subscriber recertification will begin in the 3rd Quarter. See FCC Public Notice dated 5/22/13. Click here for more information on the ETC Election of USAC process.


ETC ownership changes or subscriber base sales will cancel an ETC’s contract with USAC. Should this occur prior to or after the third quarter of 2013, the ETC must notify USAC immediately to remove their subscribers from the recertification process. The new entity will be required to handle subscriber recertification for the first year and may contract with USAC to handle future year subscriber



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