FCC switched access ratesILECs made their annual access filings with the FCC this week, to be effective July 2, 2013. While no changes were made to traffic sensitive rate elements, watch for an update to our Switched Access Study to reflect PICC revisions in certain CenturyLink, Frontier, and Verizon areas. Also, the Study will be updated to reflect an increase to the access order charge in CenturyLink (former Embarq) territory.


Some carriers revised Special Access rate elements. Verizon increased DS1 monthly recurring charges, while FairPoint Communications increased Special Access DS1 monthly fixed and per mile charges. CenturyLink (former Embarq) decreased Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) rates for the “Silver” QoS option and decreased NNI Port Connections (FL and NC).


End users will see rate changes to the End User Common Line (EUCL) aka Subscriber Line Charge
(SLC), the Federal USF Surcharge, and the Access Recovery Charge (ARC). Download our listing of the pending changes to end user charges from the button below.


LEC End User Charges Summary



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