FCC local competition switched access linesAs promised in yesterday’s blog , Part 3 of our 3-part series regarding the FCC’s report on local competition focuses on the Technology of Retail Switched Access Lines.


Switched access lines:

ILECs, as a group, predominantly deliver retail switched access lines over copper local loops. This appears to also be the case for those non-ILECs that report retail switched access lines.


                                                Technology of Retail Switched Access Lines 

                                                          as of June 30, 2012 (In Thousands)

FCC local competition switched access lines

U.S. Federal Communications Commission                                                             Local Telephone Competition: Status as of June 30, 2012


Wholesale relationships for switched access lines:

ILECs typically own the communications facilities over which they provide retail services. By contrast, CLECs use a range of methods: equipping ILEC UNE loops (“UNE-L”) as CLEC switched access lines, reselling services (for example, reselling ILEC switched access lines obtained at wholesale rates or reselling ILEC lines obtained under commercial agreements that replaced the UNE-Platform (“UNE-P”)), equipping leased ILEC special access circuits as switched access lines, and equipping local loops that the CLEC owns. 


CLECs reported using several methods to provide their 22 million retail switched access lines in
June 2012. 

–    They reported providing 38% of lines (or 8.2 million lines) by reselling ILEC wholesale or      retail services.

—    They reported providing 30% of lines (or 6.6 million lines) over ILEC facilities leased at regulated, cost-based rates (that is, as unbundled network elements (UNEs)).

—    They reported providing the remaining 32% of lines (or 7.0 million lines) over local loops that they owned.

However, the information about wholesale relationships differs as reported by CLECs and by ILECs as shown in the following chart:

                  Wholesale Relationships as Reported Respectively by CLECs and ILECs as of
                                                              June, 30, 2012 (In Thousands)

FCC local competition wholesale relationship

                    U.S. Federal Communications Commission                                    Local Telephone Competition: Status as of June 30, 2012



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