Massachusetts implements FCC ICC ReformThe Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications has requested comments on how best to implement the reforms adopted by the FCC in its ICC Transformation Order and will host an informal technical workshop on the issues.  To ensure a smooth transition for carriers implementing the FCC-required rate reductions and in preparation for the anticipated tariff and ICA filings, the Department has identified several areas where it seeks input from carriers, members of industry, and any other interested parties.  In particular it asks parties to discuss tariff filing requirements (including references to outside documents and supporting materials), tariffed rate reductions and rate elements (including switched access, VoIP-PSTN, and/or reciprocal compensation rate reductions; benchmark rates; and originating switched access rate reform), and issues involving interconnection agreements (including those on file or to be filed). 

Comments/Reply Comments are due July 30, 2013, and August 30, 2013, respectively.  The technical workshop will take place on August 15, 2013.  Any party wishing to attend and participate at the technical workshop must notify the Department Secretary in writing and electronically at, as well as to Kerri DeYoung Phillips at, no later than July 30, 2013.





Switched Access Study