FCC Annual Access Tariff FilingsFCC Annual Access Filings and Phase 2 changes required by the FCC’s ICC/USF Reform Order are effective today, Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

TMI continues to monitor access filings closely. We have obtained intrastate tariff filings, nationwide, for the major ILECs. Our clients rely on the accuracy of our monitoring and how quickly we make this information available to them.

We track and update comprehensive rate data for interstate and intrastate switched access rate elements. Telecom companies (of every description) are working through access issues as the Reform Order continues to roll out. Most are establishing retail rates, auditing switched access bill detail, and evaluating ILEC rates to establish their own rates and remain compliant with rate caps. We are available to help you with that.

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Check out our interactive Switched Access Study or our CLEC Switched Access Rate Cap Summary. Samples are available below.

Switched Access Study                     CLEC Switched Access Rate Cap Summary