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The Kansas Corporation Commission extended the date for filing comments in its docket considering how to implement recent changes in Kansas telecommunications law. Comments are now due July 19, 2013. Among the issues for comment are:

 (1) the continued applicability of the Commission’s billing standards;

 (2) whether carriers must still file annual reports;

 (3) whether the Commission can require providers to obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to provide interexchange services;


 (4) how to implement various required changes to the Kansas Universal Service Fund.


New York

The PSC granted temporary approval of Verizon’s proposal to use wireless Voice Link service as an alternative to basic landline service in the western portion of Fire Island where copper wire facilities were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The PSC conditioned its temporary approval of the service pending public comment (due September 13, 2013) and a further review of documentation submitted by Verizon justifying its decision not to repair the damaged facilities.


A bill introduced in New York would establish a moratorium on the replacement of landline telephone service with a wireless system. The bill is in response to the PSC’s conditional approval of Verizon’s request to replace its wireline service offerings with a wireless service in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.




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