COMPTEL VoIP Workshop The summer of 2013 has been another busy one for Technologies Management, Inc. Recent states’ activities have made our efforts on behalf of VoIP Service Providers especially hot, like our Florida weather.  Identifying the regulatory obligations that apply (or do not apply) in any state is a daunting task for VoIP companies. Our regulatory monitoring team and our consulting experts carefully watch every jurisdiction as state utility commissions and state legislatures weigh in on whether to regulate VoIP Service Providers.

As a result of our role in the analysis and planning of regulatory strategies for VoIP companies and the evolving demands of new regulations, we are hosting a ½ Day VoIP Workshop at COMPTEL PLUS in Orlando, FL on September 26, 2013. This FREE Workshop titled Striking the Right Balance with VoIP: A Primer on Maintaining Compliance While Improving Profits and Gaining a Competitive Edge (take a breath) will feature speakers from prominent VoIP companies, Cable Communications companies, public utility representatives, Numbering Database Administrator companies, Technology Consulting firms, and more. The Workshop, comprised of three parts, will explore the following topics:


  • VoIP Regulatory Strategies: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • VoIP Numbering: How It Works and the Impact on Business Models
  • Optimizing Your Form 499 Strategy: Safe Harbor vs. Traffic Study and Managing Exemptions


Though registration for COMPTEL PLUS is not required for the Workshop, we know that the ample educational and business opportunities COMPTEL provides will bring telecom leaders from all walks of the industry. While our Workshop is focused on VoIP Strategies, you will find that the depth of “ground” covered by the speakers and audience participants will have a very broad appeal.


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 We hope to see you in Orlando September 26th.


Our activities on behalf of various providers of VoIP Services combined with our desire to provide quality guidance and advice to clients and non-clients has enabled us to share our expertise through TMI’s VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication (fka VoIP Policy Monitor). Any provider of VoIP services can quickly determine if registration requirements apply in any state, locate completed policy decisions, and see what related 911, USF, TRS, or other funds are applicable to interconnected VoIP.  


Our VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication gives users the ability to:


  • Track and monitoring VoIP policy developments at the FCC
  • Determine if a state requires registration or certification
  • Find what 9-1-1 fee obligations exist
  • Identify USF contribution levels
  • Recognize Telecom Relay Service (TRS) compliance requirements


If you would like a sample of this publication, click on the blue button.


VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements