FCC Institutional and Immate ratesAs a Sr. Associate Consultant at Technologies Management, Inc., I work on a variety of telecommunications tariffs ranging from the traditional local exchange and interexchange tariffs to access service tariffs. However, my forte is institutional telecommunications tariffs. Ever heard of it? For those of you who are unfamiliar with institutional tariffs, in a nut shell, they contain the regulations and rates applicable to automated operator assisted services for use by inmates and other incarcerated persons in correctional institutions. It’s one of the most out-of-the-ordinary and currently talked about industries. The most recent “buzz” in this ever-evolving environment took place at an FCC workshop held on July 10, 2013.


Among the things talked about were the impact of rates and rate reform, how various state Commissions are handling the rate reform process, and the cost of providing inmate calling services between the correctional facilities and providers of such services. The end result? Nothing yet J, but the FCC is planning to move forward with reforming rates for institutional calling services and has scheduled an open meeting on August 9, 2013, to continue discussions.


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