TMI gets Special Access Data Request details from FCCIn a July 23 posting, we told you that the FCC is moving forward with its comprehensive (one could argue, burdensome) special access/broadband data request and anticipated that it would provide more specific instructions about how to respond in an order to be issued in the August – September timeframe. TMI recently learned from an FCC Staffer involved in the process that they are hoping to issue an order by the end of August.

The Staff is working on procedures for collecting responses to the FCC’s 20 pages of mandatory data collection questions. At this point, it anticipates providing a standard record format specification for the data-oriented parts of the request (e.g., circuit IDs, circuit situs addresses, geocode locations, location type, etc.). Respondents will be able to download a “data container,”  from an FCC FTP site established for this purpose, enter and verify their responses, and then upload the completed information to the FTP site. Documents or  descriptive  responses to questions about business rules, Requests for Proposals, justification for term or volume discounts and others that do not lend themselves to form-driven  responses will likely be uploaded via an FCC website interface. 

Keep in mind that this data request is NOT JUST FOR ILECs. This mandatory data request also requires responses from CLECs, IXCs, Cable companies, wireless providers and other companies subject to FCC jurisdiction that provide dedicated services, even if they provide them via leased facilities or UNEs. 

FCC Special Access Data Request Appendix A Questions available to you here. Click on the button below.

FCC Special Access Data Request Questions


Save the dates October 24 & 25, 2013. TMI will be hosting their fall Regulatory Seminar and Workshop in Maitland, FL. Special Access will be part of the agenda.