AT&T Dropping Operator Services OfferingsSome of us grew up hearing some of the best lost love songs where our hero tells his trouble to the operator.  Maybe someday the songs will say  “Siri, will you help me place this call.  My screen is broken, and I can’t read it.” 

October 15, 2013, will mark the day that AT&T will cease to provide 3rd Party Billed, Busy Line Verification and Interruption Services, International DA, and Person-to-Person.  Many of the RBOCs also removed these services during the first part of 2013.  With the advent of the Smart Phone, Online Directories, and the fact that ancillary charges to cell phones are heartbreakingly expensive, the demand for these services has deteriorated.  Will this leave a niche for OSP providers, probably not.  Don’t worry, our grandparents got along just fine without Party Line Service, as will we.  “For the times, they are a changing.”

Various Other State AT&T Services we’ve lost in 2013….

  • Distinctive Ring 
  • 8 and 30 Code Speed Dialing
  • Talking Call Waiting
  • Anonymous Call Rejection

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