Texas 911 fees and new districtsA new law in Texas will authorize the creation of a fourth entity, a Regional Emergency Communications District, that can assess 9-1-1 emergency service fees.  The law will become effective September 1, 2013, but no fees can be assessed until all affected counties and municipalities authorize the assessment fees. A separate law, also effective September 1, 2013, modernizes the definition of 9-1-1 service for all authorized 9-1-1 fees.



Texas 9-1-1 fees vary based on a customer’s location.

  • A statewide program was implemented through 24 Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs).
  • Counties of various sizes were allowed to establish Emergency Communications Districts (ECD) and operate their own 9-1-1 systems outside of the state system. An ECD not participating in the applicable Regional Plan may not be charged the RPC service fee.
  • Home Rule Cities that provided 9-1-1 prior to September 1, 1987, are allowed to operate their own 9-1-1 system outside of the state system.

 Learn about a number of required fees and funds.

Telecom Regulatory Fees and Assessments 




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