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The FCC adopted rate caps for interstate inmate calling rates and will require that all interstate inmate calling rates, including ancillary charges, be based on the cost of providing the inmate calling service.  See our 8/9/13 blog for more information. Read Commissioner’s statements here: Clyburn Statement; Rosenworcel Statement; Pai Statement. See our Blog FCC Caps Interstate Inmate Calling Services Ratesdated 8/9/13.

The FCC announced that the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division requested access to information contained in the December 2012 Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecast (NRUF) reports filed by wireless telecommunications carriers, by carrier and by rate center, and to disaggregated, carrier-specific local number portability (LNP) data related to wireless telecommunications carriers, by carrier and by rate center, from November 2012 forward. The information will be used in the DOJ’s investigation of the proposed acquisition by AT&T, Inc. of Leap Wireless International, Inc. The FCC’s Public Notice explains how the DOJ will safeguard the confidential information it receives and how any required disclosures and Freedom Of Information Act requests will be handled. Affected parties have until August 19, 2013 to oppose the disclosure to DOJ. If the FCC receives no opposition, it will disclose the information to DOJ. Read the Public Notice.


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