TMI files FCC Form 481 for ETCsIf you have been anxiously anticipating the OMB approval and filing due date for the new FCC High Cost/Lifeline annual report Form 481, we have it at last! October 15, 2013. Are you currently an FCC-approved ETC providing High Cost/Lifeline services? Don’t forget the requirements of each state. Even though we have a due date for the FCC Form 481, telecom companies/ETCs cannot rest on their laurels. Some states just want copies, but you have to file under specific dockets. Some states require copies and additional state information. Others want something else entirely, and every state has a different due date that may or may not coincide with the FCC due date.


FCC Form 481 High Cost Lifeline Service Reporting 

Here, at Technologies Management, Inc., we simplify the FCC Form 481 process for the companies that we are filing for. We have organized state and federal requirements, along with applicable due dates, into our proprietary system. If we can assist you with your FCC Form 481 filing, or if you have questions regarding some other reporting requirements, please contact us. We will get back to you promptly with answers and solutions so you won’t lose any more time (or sleep) due to these complex compliance reporting challenges.


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Dont forget that FCC Form 477 is due September 1, 2013. Interested in a the template of our 477 Records Layout? Click on the download button.
 477 Records Layout


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