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Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

FairPoint has reported that recent negotiations between it and the CLEC parties have resulted in significant progress towards a comprehensive settlement of outstanding issues associated with a simplified Performance Assurance Plan.


In Maine the PUC has not yet responded to a request to suspend activities during pending negotiations that was filed by letter on 8/8/13. In New Hampshire the PUC suspended procedural activity in the docket for a period of 60 days, i.e., until October 4, 2013. In Vermont the Board also suspended further activities in the docket for a period of 60 days, i.e., until October 9, 2013. In NH and VT, FairPoint and the CLECs must file with the state commission a written report regarding the status of their negotiations, the issues that remain to be resolved, and the anticipated timing for completion of their negotiation and settlement process.


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