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I live in a historic district in downtown Orlando, FL.  The Historic Preservation Board is very strict regarding what you can or cannot change in this district.   There are not an abundance of options when it comes to making changes to the homes in this area. I think that is acceptable, since the key word is “historic.”   There are also not many options when it comes to choosing what utility company you want.  In fact, there are no choices.  You have one utility company that provides electric, water, and sewer and solid waste services.  They call themselves “the reliable one.”   They are the “only one.”  There is one cable provider, one telecommunications provider, and one gas company.  What’s wrong with this picture?

I would like some choices.  Competition is a great provider of good customer service.  I know we can switch to solar power, dig a well, make compost piles, and give up our land lines for cell service only, but that’s not what I want to do.  I think there should be more competition for electric, water, sewer, solid waste services, cable providers, telecom providers, and gas companies.  I want choices.  After all, there’s no Historic Preservation “Utility” Board, now is there.

And, from an Associate Consultant in a Regulatory Consulting environment, have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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