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We work with many VoIP providers who have found that as regulatory requirements evolve, so must their business strategies. If you subscribe to our Regulatory Bulletin Service, you are probably aware that this summer alone 6 states had some kind of regulatory development that will impact VoIP providers. That does not even include the FCC’s activities.  It is a daunting task to track and comply with state VoIP requirements in all 50 states and on a federal level. Many companies do not have the personnel or the time to devote to collecting this critical information.  How often can any company sustain the blow to cash flow when prepared to launch a product in a specific market/state only to find that you have not met the requirements to do business in that jurisdiction?

We may be able to help with some of these challenges. Whether currently providing VoIP services or considering utilizing VoIP options in new markets, you must be aware of state and federal obligations that will affect your business plans. Although many states have passed laws that prohibit the regulation of VoIP service, VoIP providers can still be subject to various state assessments such as USF, 911, and TRS. Our VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication helps you quickly determine if there is a registration requirement in the state and what the fees or contribution levels are for VoIP providers. Our summary allows you to determine at a glance if requirements apply to Fixed and Nomadic Interconnected VoIP providers, Fixed Interconnected VoIP providers only, or on a carrier-specific basis. Detailed information; Bulletins, Orders, and links, are included to appease those sticklers like legal counsel. 


VoIP Digital Phone Requirements


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VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements





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