telecom regulatory consulting at TMIAs a Senior Associate Consultant at Technologies Management, Inc. (TMI), I work with telecom providers of every description in every state in the country. In my experience, the overall industry has shown great resilience, determination, and a commitment to community involvement. The same applies to TMI. I say this because I have a special perspective on the non-profit side of the business world.

Before joining TMI, I had worked 20 years in the non-profit sector of the performing arts.  I was well aware of the funding and support struggles that performing arts must deal with on a daily basis. I always felt a debt of gratitude to the art patrons and admired their support.

One of the reasons I wanted to join TMI was because I learned during my employment interview with our president, Connie Wightman, of her philosophy of supporting the performing arts. Later on, I would also come to know that not only was Connie personally committed to support the arts; she also made it her corporate philosophy to embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility and give back to the community as well.

TMI has sponsored many events year after year to help support struggling families and to support our troops. We often partner with other social organizations to ensure help is available for those needing it the most, particularly over the holiday seasons.

We have provided cash, food, toys and clothing for displaced families, families in economic need as well as domestic violence situations. 

During times of devastating natural disasters, such as hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, we collected supplies and clothing, and helped support the National Red Cross with food and money drives.

Every holiday season, a committee is formed to determine who in our local community is in the most need and how TMI can provide assistance to those families or individuals.

Giving back to the community provides me with a sense of gratitude to know that I can help those in crisis, as I am sure all of us here at TMI feel.  We are fortunate to work for a company with this commitment to community and in an industry that reflects the same.


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