friday feature from tmi regulatory consulting

I realize you may think that most consultants work from home and spend the day in pajamas and slippers but that is not the case with TMI’s consultants.  Most days you will find us diligently working in our offices on client tariff revisions, new applications, or special regulated industry projects.  But what do we do in our off hours?  What makes me, a Technologies Management, Inc. regulatory consultant, tick? 

I have been at TMI for 20 years and, among other assignments, I work on large, complicated multi-state, multi-entity clients that have extensive tariff and regulatory work.  Currently, two of my clients have over 500+ combined tariffs across the country.  In my off hours, I spend most of my time working with a variety of youth organizations in the greater Orlando area including: church youth groups, baseball coach, football coach, golf coach, director of a nationwide youth golf program, and chaperone for various mission trips.  In addition, I have volunteered for 10 years at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament.

Recently, I became involved with the Teen Sportsfishing Association (“TSA”).  TSA is currently the largest teen freshwater fishing club in Florida and one of the top groups in the country.  The program is active in 6 counties in Central Florida with over 140+ teens participating during a normal season.  I am the Vice President of the Seminole County group, and I serve on the board for TSA.  As a color blind person, it is ironic to be involved in an activity like a fishing club, considering the infinite color combinations of plastic fishing baits.


Working with kids for all these years keeps me centered and enables me to find the humor in most situations.





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