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The Regulatory Mix, TMI’s daily blog of regulatory activities, is a snapshot of PUC, FCC, legislative, and occasionally court, issues that our regulatory monitoring team uncovers each day. Depending on their significance, some items may be the subject of a TMI Regulatory Bulletin.


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The FCC has granted the application of Verizon New Jersey, Inc. and Verizon New York, Inc. to discontinue three copper-based services in parts of New Jersey and New York where copper wireline facilities were destroyed or rendered inoperable by Hurricane Sandy.  The three services involved are Metallic Service, Program Audio Service, and Telegraph Grade Service.  The FCC stressed that its action in this matter was “without prejudice” to its consideration of Verizon’s request to discontinue service on Fire Island.  The Order also put all carriers and interconnected VoIP providers on notice that they may face enforcement action if they do not file emergency discontinuance applications within the time fames set forth in the FCC’s rules.  Watch for a TMI Bulletin with more details.



The Regulatory Commission announced that the repeal of the requirement that IXCs provide statewide service will become effective October 6, 2013.  The amendments cover both the Commission’s IXC rules and its rules for bundled services offered by local exchange carriers. Certificated IXCs must file revised tariffs by November 5, 2013.


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