regulatory consultants and rescue petsYou know the Humane Society commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s lyrics playing in the back ground and those adorable animal faces with their eyes that reach deep into your soul?  Sure you do.  Many of my co-workers, including myself, have adopted rescue pets.  I rescue Collies.  You know, the ones that look like Lassie?  I have had three (3) Collies in the past 30 years, two (2) of them were rescued from local Orlando rescue leagues.  My first two Collies lived to the ripe old age of 14 years old.  We rescued our current Collie when he was three years old and he is now seven.  We are hoping he also reaches a ripe old age.  You can’t find a sweeter, more good natured dog. 

People often ask us when he barks if he is telling us that “Timmy has fallen into the well again” and that never gets old.  The types of wonderful pets you can rescue are unlimited.  They all need good homes.  So, if you are looking for unconditional love, adopt a rescue pet. Then ask yourself if we rescue them, or do they rescue us?


Some will even let you dress them up if you want to.

A Technologeis Management, Inc. rescue pet