bicyclers from compliance reporting at TMIYou may know me as the mild mannered Co-Manager of the Compliance Reporting Department, Compliance Reporting Specialist, and the Secretary of StateLady (yeah, I do wear a lot of hats) but in my off time…I ride. Bicycling in Central Florida is wonderful this time of the year – who am I kidding – it’s awesome any time of the year!


Right now however, the weather is a balmy 80-something, the humidity hovers around the mid 60% range, and there’s a constant breeze – it’s terrific. Our pack (my sister, brother-in-law, and our friend Deena) and I ride the wild and rugged bike trails of the greater Orlando area every Sunday morning. Now when I say wild and rugged, I am talking bike trails – lovely paved bike trails that are all over Central Florida. We are graced with scenic trails which skirt lakes, beaches, through nature preserves, old neighborhoods, small towns, and even dense urban areas (we’ve got it all!).


We tend to toddle along at a blazing 10-12 miles per hour chatting non-stop all along the way. We ride about 20-30 miles per week with the highlight of the adventure being…yep, you guessed it – lunch. After all of that exertion, a girl’s got to eat!


So, if you find yourself in Orlando and see a pack flying down the road or trail – yakking non-stop, it’s probably us. Grab a bike, fall in, and enjoy the ride.


bicyclers from technologies management inc