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The PUC of Oregon has proposed permanent amendments to its rules concerning its Lifeline program,  OTAP (the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program).  New provisions: (1) prohibit inequitable treatment of eligible low-income customers; (2) require Eligible Telecommunications Providers (ETPs) to allow eligible low-income customers to retain an out-of-state telephone number as long as they have a residential address in Oregon; (3) require eligible low-income customers receiving free service and wireless handsets to call the ETP to activate the service; and (4) prohibit the use of agents to solicit potential eligible low-income customers. A hearing will be held November 6, 2013. Comments on the proposed rule amendments are due November 13, 2013. See TMI Regulatory Bulletin 10/18/13.



In August 2013 CenturyLink asked the PSC of Utah to change its Clearfield (CLFDUTMA) and the Kearns (KRNSUTMA) wire center classifications from Tier 3 to Tier 2 based on the number of fiber-based collocations in each central office. In comments filed October 21, 2013, Integra Telecom of Utah, Inc., Electric Lightwave, LLC, and Eschelon Telecom of Utah, Inc. (collectively Integra) told the PSC they have been able to confirm the presence of three fiber-based collocators in the Clearfield and Kearns wire centers. Accordingly, Integra does not oppose the re-classification.

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