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FCC E-Rate Program

The FCC released the eligible services list (ESL) for the E-Rate program funding year 2014 and authorized the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to open the annual application filing window no earlier than December 23, 2013. The ESL was modified for 2014 to include: (1) a clearer explanation of the eligibility framework for dark fiber and lit fiber; and (2) language explaining that interactive communications features that may be eligible as part of a web hosting package are not eligible for support as standalone services and that applicants may not request E-rate funding for web hosting services from multiple providers. The Glossary was also revised. See the full list here.


The E-rate program provides eligible schools and libraries discounts for eligible services and products. The ESL first lists the services and products that are eligible for funding, and then lists the services and products that are not eligible for funding. E-rate funds are allocated according to rules of priority. Requests for telecommunications services, telecommunications, and Internet access services have first priority for funding and are listed in the “Priority One” section. Requests for support for internal connections and basic maintenance of internal connections are eligible for the funding that remains after priority one requests are funded and are listed in the “Priority Two” section. There is also a Miscellaneous section, a Special Eligibility Conditions section, and a Glossary.


FCC- Lifeline Database

The FCC announced that the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) will be ready to accept subscriber information by December 2013. ETCs will provide information for existing subscribers pursuant to a state schedule that will be issued by USAC. USAC was directed to provide additional guidance regarding the format and timing of the transmission of subscriber data to the NLAD. Watch for a TMI Bulletin 




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