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The FCC is soliciting public input on improving the efficiency of how it conducts business.  Interested parties are asked to email their thoughts and ideas on FCC process reform to innovation@fcc.govby December 2, 2013.  In particular, the FCC is interested in concrete steps it can take to:

  • Streamline, update and eliminate inefficient, outdated or duplicative processes;
  • Improve the effectiveness of communications between the public and the FCC;
  • Make information collections and reports more focused, transparent, and relevant;
  • Expand the overall transparency of the workings of the agency; and
  • Any other ideas to improve the focus, speed and efficiency of the FCC’s workflows.

The request was made in a blog posting by Diane Cornell, Special Counsel in the Office of FCC Chairman Wheeler. Link to blog Ms Cornell was recently asked by the Chairman to develop a plan within the next 60 days that includes recommendations on how best to tackle the challenge of reforming FCC processes. See TMI’s November 7, 2013 blog posting “New FCC Chairman Offers View of a “Wheeler FCC”

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