Telecom carriers' Form 499 Plan‘Twas just weeks before New Year’s

And all through the land,

Telecom carriers were trying to craft a 499 plan.

They knew that next year the rules would be changing,

But the FCC was once again keeping them waiting.


For exemption certificates, the wholesalers needed final wording,

So to the FCC website their eyes kept on turning,

But days turned to weeks with no answer in sight,

The deadline was looming and timing was tight.


To many the FCC draft seemed alright,

But an “Industry Group” thought the language just wasn’t quite right.

So they filed some more comments right before Turkey Day,

In hopes that the FCC might see it their way.


So now all they can do is just wait,

And hope that the FCC staff stays up late,

Crafting some language to which all can agree,

And wrapping it nicely to put under the tree.


So that carriers can send their certificates out,

And resellers who get them will be left with no doubt,

That by signing under penalty of perjury they may,

Avoid USF fees they might otherwise pay.