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If you grew up celebrating Christmas, you remember that feeling you had as a kid when the big day arrived.  You woke up as early as possible and tried to sneak a quick peek at the tree and what was in store for you and your family. Then, if you were like my family, you had to attend church before you were able to get back home to tear into those packages, thinking how mean your parents were to not let you just open your gifts early (especially since you had been up since 3 AM).


Those days were long ago, yet so vivid in my memory. I remember the special holiday smells, waiting for relatives to arrive, and time spent going through the gifts we received with our cousins.  Not everyone did, but many among us have experienced one special gift that would change our lives forever.


I had that experience the year that I was in 2nd grade.  That was the year that hidden behind my parents’ gift to me of two new pillows (explain that one to your buddies) was my first set of golf clubs! Not the best set in the world, just 5 little clubs and a putter. A starter set that in 1964 seemed like the best clubs ever made, to me. My future escape from hectic school days and long boring summer breaks was now in my possession.  (With my golf swing in my youth, I spent a lot of time roaming the Western Pennsylvania countryside!)


However, the most important thing those clubs provided to me was the chance to spend uninterrupted hours with my father, just the two of us.  Such a gift is beyond monetary value. We often reminisced about the challenges of the various courses that we had played together whenever I called. He is no longer with us, but those golf course memories will last a lifetime.


Now that passion for the game of golf has invaded my teenage son. I hope one day he will look back at the 4 – 5 hours we spend on the course as fondly as I did with my own father. That one gift of so many years ago has circled back around to begin another “Season of Change” for me with my son.


Tom's Season of Change SantaMaybe it is not so hard to see now how one gift can implement a “Season of Change” for us?   I hope this article makes you think back to a similar time in your life, and for just a brief moment brings a smile to your face.


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