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Area Code News

Several states are in the process of implementing new area codes. The California PUC has approved an all-services overlay that will add a new 628 area code to the same geographic region as the existing 415 area code. New telephone numbers with the 628 area code will be issued to customers beginning in January 2015. In South Carolina the PSC approved an all-services area code overlay for the 843 area code and the 13-month implementation schedule proposed by the industry. The Ohio PUC approved a plan that will overlay a new area code, 220, into the existing 740 area code. Permissive dialing will begin in September 2014. Telephone numbers with the new area code will be assigned beginning in March 2015. In addition, the Tennessee Authority approved an all-services overly as the relief method for the 615 area code. New 629 area code telephone numbers will be issued to end-users beginning in March 2015.


TMI Regulatory Bulletin subscribers, watch for details such as implementation schedules and customer education requirements in upcoming TMI Bulletins.



The Nebraska PSC approved CenturyLink’s request to add the Omaha, Nebraska 84th Street wire center to the list of non-impaired wire centers. TMI Regulatory Bulletin subscribers see Nebraska Bulletin dated 12/19/13.



Regulatory Briefing