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As part of its ongoing rulemaking to revise its Lifeline Eligibility Rules the PUC has directed Staff to conduct an investigation into whether the proposed regulations are likely to impact small business. Staff was directed to present a report to the PUC with the results of its investigation along with: (1) a statement identifying the methodology used in determining the impact on small business; and (2) the reasons supporting the conclusions of the report. The report will be placed on the PUC’s February 26, 2014, agenda. TMI Regulatory Bulletin Service subscribers see Nevada Bulletin dated October 21, 2013.



The FCC is seeking comment on CenturyLink’s Petition to convert its remaining average-schedule ILEC affiliates from average-schedule to price-cap regulation effective July 1, 2014. Comments are due March 3, 2014; reply comments are due March 18, 2014. The affected affiliates are: CenturyTel of Chester, Inc., CenturyTel of Postville, Inc., and CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin Region. CenturyLink is also requesting limited waivers of some of the FCC’s Part 61 (Tariff) and Part 69 (Access Charge) regulations to the extent necessary to enable such conversion.



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