481 rocket launch

Ready to blast off?   The FCC High Cost/Lifeline annual report Form 481 filings are due earlier than in prior years. This year they are due July 1, 2014.  Are you an FCC-approved ETC providing High Cost/Lifeline services? Not only is there the filing at the FCC, there are individual state filing requirements as well.  See our 8/14/13 blog article FCC Form 481 High Cost/Lifeline Filing Due Date.

Many states have updated their due dates and filing requirements this year. Some states still just require copies, others require additional state specific information. Don’t forget about those who are in another galaxy and want something else entirely. 

At Technologies Management, Inc.  we have simplified  the FCC Form 481 process FCC Form 481 Lifelinefor the multiple  companies that we are filing for. We have organized state and federal requirements, along with applicable due dates, into our proprietary system. We can assist you with your FCC Form 481 filing.  If you have questions regarding other reporting requirements, please contact us. We provide prompt assistance and offer solutions for the many regulatory requirements that face telecom providers. No need to feel like  you are lost in space due to these complex compliance reporting challenges.


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