While a typical day at Technologies Management, Inc. is a fast paced, deadline driven, regulatory and special project coordinating, customer service focused event, we still find a few minutes to indulge our extremely creative side. Each month we hold a brief event with cake to celebrate, commemorate, and share much deserved accolades among our productive troupe.


September was unusually festive. This month we embarked on adventures in cupcakery. To help represent our work ethic, our dedication to clients, and our whimsical sense of humor (of course) several members of our staff created Minion Cupcakes with which to celebrate this month instead of plain old cake.


Minion cupcakes at TMI

Stewart and Dave (the Minions from the animated films “Despicable Me 1 & 2”) helped us remember how much we like working together and that we are about to embark on the 4th Quarter of 2014, a calendar turn for which we will need much energy. Everyone left the meeting smiling.

As you get ready for October, think about spreading a little Minion Joy around your office.  And thank goodness they brought back the Twinkie!