The Regulatory Mix

The Regulatory Mix, TMI’s daily blog of regulatory activities, is a snapshot of PUC, FCC, legislative, and occasionally court, issues that our regulatory monitoring team uncovers each day. Depending on their significance, some items may be the subject of a TMI Regulatory Bulletin.






The FCC announced that its Wireline Competition Bureau activated a secure web portal interface, Version 1.0, for the electronic filing of information and certifications in response to the special access data collection. The web portal is available at: Responses to the data collection are due by December 15, 2014. The Bureau will conduct an instructional webinar well in advance of the filing deadline to further educate respondents on the electronic submission process.


Comcast/Time Warner Merger

The FCC has established a new inbox for comments regarding the Comcast/Time Warner Inc. and Charter Communications transactions. The inbox address is The FCC is also making available a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for bulk upload of comments. The CSV file template can be found at; instructions may be found at Once completed, the CSV file can be emailed to



The PUC announced publication of its Cybersecurity Best Practices for Pennsylvania Utilities. The document is available on the Commission’s website. The PUC urges utility leaders to read the cybersecurity guide and recommends holding company workshops to review this information with employees. The guide outlines red flags to look for and ways to prevent identity or property theft; how to manage vendors and contractors who may have access to a company’s data; what to know about anti-virus software, firewalls and network infrastructure; how to protect physical assets, such as a computer in a remote location or a misplaced employee device; how to respond to a cyber-attack and preserve forensic information after the fact; and how to report incidents.



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