E-Filing #FCCForm499More and more Public Service Commissions and Public Utility Commissions are moving toward mandatory electronic filings for your telecom regulatory compliance reports.  USAC has been strongly encouraging telecom carriers to submit and certify their 499 filings via their E-FILE system for the last 2 years.


USAC’s 3rd quarter newsletter announced the upcoming launch of their new 499A interface that will simplify the registration and revenue reporting process. USAC indicated that the information had not changed from the paper version and made no mention that E-Filing was going to be mandatory. In actuality, when accessing the USAC website and using the look up Obtain a Filer ID tool, you will see the following verbiage:

  “Data should be submitted electronically, and then a Company Officer-signed hard copy of   the form should be printed and mailed to USAC. Once you complete the first certification process by mailing a signed copy of the form, you will be able to use the online system to sign in and certify forms without mailing a signed copy. In addition, you will be able to quickly revise your FCC Forms 499 online.

However, the actual instructions direct you to go to USAC’s E-File system and select the “New Contributor/Registration In Progress” link at the bottom center of the login page. USAC’s online registration system will take you step-by-step through the entire registration process.


Don’t be fooled by accessing the paper version FCC 499 A filing picture resized 600

that is still available on the USAC website under FORMS, which has a box to check off for “New filer, registration only.” When you fill it out, sign it and mail it to the appropriate address, USAC will return the filing back to you, advising that you must apply online.



Avoid being saddled with a penalty charge for filing a late FCC499A (due in April 2015). Go ahead and prepare now to certify your 2015 FCC499A filing on the USAC E-FILE system.



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