The Regulatory Mix

The Regulatory Mix, TMI’s daily blog of regulatory activities, is a snapshot of PUC, FCC, legislative, and occasionally court issues that our regulatory monitoring team uncovers each day. Depending on their significance, some items may be the subject of a TMI Regulatory Bulletin.




The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau announced an update to its Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Text-to-911 Readiness and Certification Registry. The Registry lists PSAPs that are ready to receive text-to-911 messages and provides notice to CMRS and other providers of interconnected text messaging services of the date of PSAP readiness. Covered providers must begin routing 911 text messages to requesting PSAPs within six months of the notice date. The updated Text-to-911 Registry reflects recent information reported to the Bureau since the Bureau’s March 2, 2015 update, as well as clarifications to previously submitted information. See the Regulatory Mix dated 3/4/15. The Registry lists each PSAP by FCC PSAP ID and name, the county of operation, the primary point of contact for coordinating text-to-911 service, the method by which the PSAP will accept texts, the state or local governing entity authorizing the PSAP to accept texts, the notice date of PSAP readiness, and the date of compliance for covered providers. The Registry is available here.


The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has opened a docket to consider revising its rules for electronic filing. Currently, electronic filing is mandatory in docketed proceedings. The Commission is proposing to extend electronic filing to non-docketed proceedings, including tariff filings and reports. The draft rules would remove the mandatory requirement for electronic filings in docketed proceedings and instead allow permissive electronic filing in all docketed and non-docketed proceedings, with the exception of regulatory cost charge reports. A technical conference to discuss the proposed rules will be held on April 27, 2015.


The PUC issued a notice of an All-Party Meeting to be held on April 14, 2015 regarding the proposed merger of Comcast Corporation with Time Warner, Inc. The meeting will include a discussion of the implications of the proposed merger for California consumers and businesses including its potential effects on service quality, Internet access, and broadband infrastructure development, competition, and deployment. Parties who wish to speak at the All-Party Meeting must send an R.S.V.P. to Commissioner Peterman’s office by e-mailing Niki Bawa at with the name of the party or representative who will be speaking, along with a contact phone number and e-mail address. Parties should indicate what issues they will address and the estimated amount of time required. R.S.V.P.s must be received by 5:00 p.m. on April 9, 2015.



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