Inmate Calling Services

The Alabama Public Service Commission declined to further extend its stay of the implementation of its December 9, 2014, Final Order adopting new rules for inmate calling service (ICS). Accordingly, ICS providers must begin implementing the order on July 1, 2015. The important due dates during the first 60 days are as follows:


July 1, 2015: Filing of annual report of biometric features

Filing of annual report of confinement facilities served

Filing of semi-annual report of kiosks

July 13, 2015: Filing of abbreviated tariffs using the PSC’s template

July 16, 2015: Filing of letter reporting payment transfer fees charged by third parties

July 31, 2015: Filing of any petitions for waiver of the rate cap on the bill processing portion of the price for single payment services billed to a wireless account

August 17, 2015: Filing of any petitions for waiver of payment transfer fees over $5.95

AlabamaAugust 31, 2015: Filing of complete ICS tariffs

Filing of letter disclosing and describing all services (including ancillary fees) offered in Alabama but not listed in the tariff

Filing of annual report of retained records



To review the detailed TMI Regulatory Bulletin dated 12/15/14 regarding Alabama’s new rules for ICS, please click on the link below.


TMI Regulatory Bulletin: Alabama ICS 12/15/14




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