Broadband, ACP, & Lifeline Subscription Management

You provide important services to complex, tough-to-serve rural and under-served areas. Let Inteserra smooth the process with our inroll broadband/lifeline/ACP subscription management system.

The ACP/Lifeline/Broadband Subscription Management System You've Been Looking For

The solution to managing your broadband/lifeline subscriptions is here!

As a recent recipient of CAF/RDOF funding or a participant in ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), you will need to organize, administer enrollment processes and track your subscribers to the broadband and/or the FCC ‘s Lifeline program. Through our secure web-based platform, we help take your subscribers from application through the submission updates to the USAC Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier (National Verifier). Inteserra can also assist in the management and submission for the monthly program reimbursements (Lifeline Claim System). Save time and resources over an expensive system build-out of your own.

Highlights of our inroll System

Complete Solution

  • Website Setup
  • Online qualification/application
  • API/NLAD database communications (includes National Verifier)
  • Subscription and report management

Subscription Management

  • Dashboard for admins to manage CAF II/Lifeline locations or services
  • Reports to see active and canceled subscribers (number of subscribers to meet the build-out requirements)
  • Built-in renewal process
  • Configuration for notifying NLAD of cancellation within the mandatory 2 business days

State/Federal Policy Monitoring

  • Regulatory  Briefing subscription service available
  • Push alerts and favorites library on i360 portal

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