NG911 Consulting & Project Support Services

Close coordination and dedicated follow-up processes support your project from start to completion


Dedication & Expertise in Managing Multi-Faceted Technical Projects

NG911 Service providers face significant challenges and complex administrative work to complete implementation, including:

  • Search and selection of specialized contractors to perform a high volume of field work
  • Establish and manage relationships with CPE vendors
  • Monitor all aspects of progress through completion
  • Establish new data center(s), if required
  • Meet stringent network performance criteria regarding geo-diversity, security and more

Dedication & Expertise in Managing Multi-Faceted Technical Projects

  • Creation of third party network vendor contract amendments
  • Review/ensure internal network repair maintenance operating procedures
  • Optimum flagging circuits to minimize the risk of service disruptions
  • Audit of internal repair/network inventory systems to ensure compliance
  • Validate backup power inventory and maintenance schedules/instructions support services

Useful & Dependable Information

From start-up to established provider, we supply each subscriber with useful, dependable, information that is easily understood and implemented.

  • Dedicated team monitors all jurisdictions for rate /regulatory changes
  • Web-based solutions with customizable features to fit your individual needs
  • Generate reports for your executive team, market plans, and product strategies
  • Customized, targeted research

Managed Compliance as a Service

Finally - a trusted partner for managing all your compliance obligations