Regulatory Rates Management System

We monitor, update and send alerts for rate changes so you can manage adjustments across multiple channels

Save Time Making Critical Rate Decisions

Inteserra’s Rates Management System (RMS) online database includes a wide array of rate elements and product codes (where available), which enable you to save hours of research and improve efficiency in making business-critical decisions.

RMS offers a detailed tracking chart with links to supporting documentation and allows you to easily export information into Excel spreadsheets. It also provides historical rates to help you identify important trends. Local calling information includes a listing of local calling areas, Mandatory EAS routes, and Rate group designations.

For Use By CLECs, VoIPs, IXCs, Wireless Providers, OSPs and ILECs

Rate Elements included in the Rates Database are:

  • Monthly line and usage charges for Residential & Business lines and PBX trunks
  • Service installation and order charges
  • PIC change charges
  • USF
  • Hunting
  • Custom Calling/CLASS features and feature packages
  • Toll Restriction and operator screening
  • Operator intercept
  • IntraLATA usage rates/Operator service charges
  • Directory Assistance, including call allowances
  • Directory Listings

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We know the when, the how, and the who

From start-up to established provider, we supply each subscriber with useful, dependable, information that is easily understood and implemented.

  • Dedicated team monitors all jurisdictions for rate /regulatory changes
  • Web based solutions with customizable features to fit your individual needs
  • Generate reports for your executive team, market plans and product strategies
  • Customized, targeted research

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