RoboCall Mitigation Database

Effective June 30, 2021, the FCC requires providers of voice services to register in the Robocall Mitigation Database, where they certify whether their traffic is fully, partially or not yet signed with STIR/SHAKEN. Robocall mitigation plans are required for carriers who are not fully STIR/SHAKEN compliant. Companies not registered in the database are subject to having their traffic blocked for noncompliance.

STIR/SHAKEN Status Alerts

You can quickly and easily determine a carrier’s status in the Robocall Mitigation Database located in our i360 platform, which pulls data directly from the FCC’s database in real-time.  This allows you to manage your regulatory processes and obligations without having to leave i360.


What's Included

  • Exemption Certificates
    • Convenient storage of your company's certificates
  • CPCN Certificates
    • Quick access to your CPCN documents
  • Secretary of State Authorization
    • Organized file cabinet of SOS documents

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    • Dedicated team monitors all jurisdictions for rate /regulatory changes
    • Web based solutions with customizable features to fit your individual needs
    • Generate reports for your executive team, market plans and product strategies
    • Customized, targeted research

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