Telecom Regulatory Fees & Assessments Library

With hundreds of different funding programs at the state and federal levels, tracking, understanding and managing a company’s universal service, relay service and otherfund obligation and telecom assessments is more than a full-time job. For far less than the cost of that full-time employee, Inteserra’s TRFA Library gives you all the information you need to manage your funding obligations.

Simplify administration of USF, TRS, and other regulatory assessment fees

Inteserra’s TRFA Library provides you with all the information you need about state and federal USF, TRS, and other fund contribution factors, assessment base, cost recovery, and billing requirements.

Quickly and easily filter information by carrier type, fund type, or jurisdiction. Our team of researchers constantly monitor FCC and state activity to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information


Funds covered in the Telecom Regulatory Fees and Assessments Library include:

  • Universal Service Support
  • TRS/Dual Party Relay
  • High Cost
  • State 911 and Similar Telephone User Surcharge Funds

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