Topics Covered:

  • Defining Your Products and Services
  • Bundling Regulated with Non-Regulated Services – What are the Tax and Regulatory Implications?
  • Understanding Regulatory Fees and Related Cost Recovery Charges

  • Communications Transaction Tax – What You Need to Know (and how is it different from Regulatory Reporting)
    • Part I – Communications Transaction Tax – “Tax Compliance Process”
    • Part II – What is a Tax Engine – “How Transaction Records Work”   
  • Determining Jurisdiction for Regulatory Fees

  • Billing Compliance, Deregulation, and Deceptive Trade Practices

  • Tax Audits

  • Wholesale/Retail Carrier Relationships and Responsibilities – Fiction and Fact

  • Customer Use Declarations and Exemption Certificates – USF and Tax

  • FCC and USAC – What Does the Future Look Like?

  • DC update from Incompas

  • Where is Regulation Heading?

  • Robocalling, STIR/SHAKEN

  • Federal Broadband Subsidiary Programs and Data Collection

  • VoIP Regulatory overview and update. VoIP Numbering Authority

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