When you begin the first day of a new job, a million thoughts and emotions are running through your head. Am I making the right decision? Will I fit in? Will I remember everyone’s name? How long until I start to feel comfortable?

My first day at TMI was a different experience than what I have ever had before. Upon reporting to work, I discovered that my first 3 months were completely planned out for me! And I can’t forget to mention, so were my lunches for the first week.



To start off, my first week was an introduction to all of the employees and gaining a perspective of what TMI is all about. Every day of week one I met with individuals from different departments and was able to get a better understanding of the different services TMI offers. From Regulatory Consulting to the Rates Database to daily TMI Briefings, I was given a demonstration of every type of service and publication. One of the things that fascinated me the most about meeting with different employees was learning about their tenure here at TMI. The length of time that the majority of the employees have worked here was absolutely shocking. It is very inspiring and comforting knowing how many of your new coworkers love the company you have just (nervously) started working for.

Homer-1st-day.jpgIn my second week, I got to meet more intimately with the CRS team which I will be a part of, working as a Specialist. I was able to go through the reporting process from start to finish. This was very important to experience because it provided me with a much better understanding of how things are completed successfully and why they must be done a certain way. Although there are many steps in the flow process that I will not have to complete myself, it was very helpful to still be able to see all of the different pieces of the puzzle come together and why it is so important that everyone works as a team.

During my third week, my training schedule provided me with granular details about the position that I would be working in and real hands on implementation. Each day I sat with a different one of my fellow Specialists and shadowed their day-to-day duties. I found this very beneficial because I was able to see everyone’s different working styles and get an appreciation for the important processes TMI has in place.

I have never felt so welcomed and thankful for the amount of time and energy that individuals have put in to make sure I am prepared for my position. After completing my first month, I was even more anxious to start my journey here at TMI.





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