Hourly Fees  (Hourly fees billed in 1/10-hour increments)
Senior Consultant (specialized, expert) $385
Senior Consultant (standard) $300
Consultant $275
Managing Senior Associate Consultant $220
Managing Associate Consultant -
Client Services
Senior Associate Consultant / Associate Consultant $170

Regulatory and Tax Compliance:

Hourly Fees - Applicable to off-contract services and projects
(Hourly fees billed in 1/10-hour increments)
Regulatory Specialist/Tax Preparer $180-$200
Regulatory/Tax Associate $150

Transactional Tax     Reporting:

Fixed or Hourly Fees
Tax Registrations/Permits & Renewals $110 Each
Tax Exemptions $100 minimum, billed at hourly rates
Mapping Fees (one-time) $350 per hour ($500 Minimum)
(Hourly fees billed in 1/10-hour increments)

Special Research Rates

Hourly Fees
Tariff Research, Competitive Rate
Research, Regulatory Research
Based on project requirements
$170 - $300                                          (Hourly fees billed in 1/10-hour increments)

Copy/Scan Cost 

$0.12 per page

U.S. Mail

$2.00 per standard letter

Tax Remittance (U.S. Mail)

$0.85 per return and/or check

Overnight Shipping – Regulatory Compliance


Overnight Shipping                      – Other

CD/Flash Drive, Record

At cost + $3.00 Handling

$10 each

Standard Retainer Policy

Ongoing work is done on a retainer basis.  A retainer equal to the Inteserra fees and out-of-pocket expenses projected for an estimated thirty-day period may be requested.  Detailed billing will be produced at the end of each month, itemizing the time and expenses. That bill may also provide a request to replenish your retainer for the upcoming work.