The Complete Telecom Compliance and Regulatory Solution

Are you frustrated with Telecom tax, compliance & regulation?  Don't know where to start?  We can help to:


  • Free Up Your Time
    • Let FAStek take care of your frustrating Telecom needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Prevent Overcharging Your Customers
    • Utilize your in-depth traffic analysis and our expertise to provide clarity on whether the Safe Harbor ratio is the appropriate ratio to use.
  • Get To Your Revenue Goals Faster
    • Our proven process allows you to finally conquer telecom tax, compliance and regulation so you can exceed your target numbers.


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Talk With An Expert Today

Our Process

  • Kickoff Call
    • We review the onboarding plan, process, and timeline together
  • Document Intake
    • We work with you to submit all necessary documents and validate them for accuracy
  • Register, Certify, and Maintain
    • We register with all appropriate state and local authorities as well as ensure that you have all certifications, licenses, and permits necessary to remain compliant with necessary jurisdictions.
  • Operationalize Sales Tax - Preparation, Filing, Communications
    • We assume all your Communications tax needs. We prepare and file all transactional tax reports with federal, state, and local taxing authorities and manage all communications with all applicable jurisdictions
  • Year Round Document Storage
    • You have secure web access to your Tax Returns, Bank Reconciliations, Secretary of State Annual Reports, Certifications, etc. along with interactive reporting
  • Sales Tax. Defeated
    • All of the work, none of the pain. Never worry about Communications tax again.

Trusted by leading communcation providers across the nation. You're in good company.

Let's grow together

Regardless of your company size, we've got you covered. Our packages are designed to accommodate what you need, when you need it. All our packages are annual engagements with a fixed monthly fee.


Remove your Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • Registered Agent Services
  • SOSCompliance Reporting
  • FCC and PUCS Reporting
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designated Regulatory Obligations Expert
  • Property Tax Reporting


Remove your Communication Tax Burden

  • State and Local Communications Tax Return Preparation
  • Filings and Remittance of State and Local Tax Return
  • Monthly Tax Ledger
  • Escrow Bank Account
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Exemption Certificate Preparation
  • Tax Permit Renewals
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designed Communication Tax Expert


Remove your Communications Tax and Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASTax Features

FASComp Plus

Full Market Entry Support and Remove your Communications Tax and Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASComp Features
  • Security of State Certificates
  • FCC Registrations / Applications
  • PUC Certifications
  • Tax Permitting

What's the best way to tackle Communications Tax & Compliance for your business?

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