As any telecom service business is aware, Telecom taxes is a complicated subject. For businesses in the industry, effectively managing regulatory compliance issues is essential to long-term success.

Telecom Regulatory Compliance Issues are Challenging to Navigate

Even when compared to other tax subjects, telecom tax issues are especially challenging. 

There are at least a couple of reasons why.

  1. Telecommunications service businesses must navigate local, state, and federal regulatory issues. There are three distinct levels where issues can arise. What’s an issue in one area may not be in another. 
  2. Many of the federal, state, and local regulatory laws are outdated. The telecommunications industry has advanced rapidly in recent years, and most tax regulatory bodies have been slow to adapt. Interpreting old rules in light of new technology creates grey areas where there aren’t clear answers. It’s in these ambiguous areas that businesses must be especially cautious and protect themselves from potential future liability.
  3. The cost of a mistake in interpretation is often high. Even a seemingly minor incorrect interpretation can have financially disastrous consequences. The cumulative cost for a business adds up across customers and over time.

Telecom Service Business Should Consult With a Tax Specialist

In most cases, businesses in the industry shouldn’t try to resolve the matters in-house. Instead, they should consult with an outside specialist who focuses on telecom compliance services tax issues.

Consulting an outside telecom compliance tax specialist will enable businesses to adequately protect themselves from the potential misinterpretation of regulatory issues. They can then help businesses decide how to approach ambiguous issues in a responsible and dependable manner; preventing potentially unmanageable liability.

An outside consultant will also help telecom businesses save time. A specialist can interpret issues faster than most businesses’ employees can sort out. In addition, they’ll implement various services that streamline processes so they’re both compliant and efficient.

FAStek Can Help Your Business Navigate Telecom Compliance Issues

If your business needs assistance with telecom compliance issues, choose FAStek to be your guide. We focus specifically on telecommunications tax, and our experienced team offers comprehensive managed communication tax and compliance solutions.

We can assist with virtually any aspect of telecom tax. We’ll address nexus determination, registration, and state licensure, and in addition provide assistance with tax compliance, permits, filing, remittance, mapping, document management, and reconciliation

Contact us today to learn about better managing compliance issues or explore our various communications tax services.