TMI_LogoThe FCC gave VoIP only providers an early Valentine’s Day gift. Yesterday, the FCC announced that its new rules allowing interconnected VoIP providers direct access to numbering resources are (finally!) effective and that applications will be accepted starting 2/18/16. In the interim, there are many things that providers can and should be thinking about now so they can hit the ground running.

Have you identified:

  • the CLEC you want to partner with
  • the various operational codes you will need to support your business plan.
    • Such as OCN (Operating Company Number) 

                Happy-Valentines-Day-12             – or – 

    • LRN (Local Routing Number)
  • the registrations you will need
    • Like NPAC (Number Portability Center)
    • NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration)
  • who will manage your number porting obligations

This Valentine comes with a multitude of filing requirements and obligations. 

Have you verified that you are in compliance with all applicable FCC requirements such as CPNI and CALEA? Are you up-to-date on your Form 477? Don’t forget the FCC will be verifying that carriers are up to date with their Form 477 filings.

Have you checked your red light status with the FCC lately? Are you red lighted or green lighted?

fcc_front_doors-resized-600Do you know which states require VoIP providers to register, and pay into various funds? According to our research contained in our VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication, there are nearly a dozen states that require VoIP providers to do so.

So for those of you who think the FCC does not have a heart, this may change your mind.



Happy early Valentine’s Day!


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